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Tips For Searching For Flyer Parts

The most efficient way to order parts is by entering the part number into the part number / stock number field. The part number must be complete and correct. Enter the number 0 not the letter O as  part of the number. Reproduction part numbers are followed by a "@" this must be entered as part of the number.  
If the part number that you enter does not exactly match the correct part number in our database (manufacture's part numbers) the part you are looking for may not be displayed. (HINT: Review the complete parts listing by clicking here.) 

However, partial matches will work in the part number field; all part numbers containing the digits you enter will be returned. 

You can search by category: American Flyer Repair Parts or Lionel Repair Parts.  But the listing produced will not be sorted in a very useful order and will only display the 2-3,000  parts selected 10 per page. You may order directly from these pages. 

Searching by part name (or partial name) and by category: will give you pretty good results. For example, if you select the American Flyer Repair Part Category and enter: Smoke Unit in the product name field 12 Flyer parts will be listed. Review the list, select the ones you want, and add the quantities you need to your order. NOTE: KEY WORDS AND PARTIAL MATCHES WILL PRODUCE RESULTS WITH THE PRODUCT NAME FIELD.

Unfortunately it is generally not possible to search by the engine, car or accessory name (or item number) that you need parts for (that why the exploded views discussed above are so essential.)

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